Beneath the Same Sky

Beneath the Same Sky describes Norrbotten’s abundant diversity through seven different cultural and historical exhibitions: Birth, Border, Land, Home, Language, Power and Capital. Each exhibition is unique, with its own stories, idiom, target audience and format. To reach as many people as possible, each exhibition begins in the museum building in Luleå and then roams around the region, both spreading and gathering knowledge. The basis for the content is a digital exhibition that will contain all the exhibition stories in several different languages, which can be accessed from wherever you are in Norrbotten or in the world.


7 April 2018 saw the opening of Birth, the place where everything begins and which is constantly changing. Under a glittering starry sky, stories are gathered about the new life and the new time; something that is constantly being reborn. Meet pioneers and people who break new ground, but also all the people who yearn to succeed. The exhibition will spark off discussion and reflection and will allow everyone to think about their own place and identity in society and their relationship with Norrbotten. It’s aimed particularly at people who are out of the ordinary in some way.

Beneath the Same Sky is a project stretching over many years that is run by the Museum of Norrbotten.